Vaastu Consultant


Vaastushastra is based on the directions and Five elements namely Earth, Water, Air, Sun and Sky. Every Vaastu extracts the natural energies from the directions and panchamahabhutas (Five elements) that are available free of cost in the nature.There should be perfect balance / equilibrium between these energies. When any structure constructed as per vaastu rules, it not only attains complete harmony with natural forces, but also brings in prosperity, good environment and peace to its residents. When this equilibrium gets disturbed Vaastu dosha exist.


We provide services like

  • Before purchasing plots
  • Before construction (planning stage)
  • During construction
  • After constructions
  • Inspection report for ready flats/ houses/ bungalows
  • Factories/ Industries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Small offices/ small units.
  • Construction renovation works as per Vaastu.  And others…..