Numerological  Consultant


Birth date is very important for everyone. According to numerology, we can understand many things from birth date. Each persons name is his own identity. When anybody calls us with our name we will respond, if someone calls us by another name, then we will not respond. In the same way, when the person having similar name as of us is called by another person we too will respond to it. It means the vibrations of that name affects or effects on us. If we keep our name according to the important and suitable planets in our horoscope, then the planet gets charged whenever we are called and it is very beneficial to our fortune.


We provide Numerological Services mentioned below

  • Numerological report
  • Number Kundali
  • Finding of a best name for new born baby
  • Finding of a best name for company or firm
  • Best no. total for mobile
  • Best no. total for cars
  • Best no. on T- shirts