Astrological Consultant


” जगी सर्व सुखी असा कोण आहे? समर्थाचिया सेवका  तूच शोधूनि पाहे “
As stated in this shloka (stanza) nobody is completely happy in this world. Everyone is constantly searching for happiness and peace. People are using different methods, different ways to overcome their problems to achieve happiness and harmony in their lives. The aim of Astroshodh is to find out the best way for the betterment of every step of life through astrology.


We provide below mentioned Astrological Services

  • Preparation of kundali/ Horoscope
  • Birth Star Report
  • Kundali reading
  • Guidance about Career
  • Problem related to children
  • Relationship Problems
  • Match making
  • Personalised Predictions
  • Business
  • Wealth
  • Health